Welcome to the Archive of monthly Weather Briefings

Once a month EUMeTrain organizes a Weather Briefing open to everyone to discuss the present weather situation. The basis of the discussions are todays satellite images and the corresponding numerical weather prediction data. A basic knowledge on conceptual models used in satellite meteorology is of advantage to follow the presentations. The Weather Briefings are performed by meteorologists from Croatia, Portugal, Finland, Hungary and Austria. At the end of the briefings, participants have the opportunity to discuss with the presenters. The sessions are recorded and made available in the internet.


About the Recordings

Weather briefings are hold once a month. They are broadcasted and recorded with a software called Webex. Once recorded, the briefings are made available online. You can visit our web page or the Eumetrain channel on YouTube to see the recordings.

How does it work?

You can start the recording of the past sessions by clicking on the dates on the right side of this page. For some older recordings you might need a flash plugin, all the other recordings are in .mp4 video format.

Can I take part?

Participating in a weather briefing is free of any costs. You need to register in order for us to send you the invitation(s). Registration can be done using the 'Subscribe me' button at the EUMeTrain main page.

Weather Briefings 2019:

  • Briefing 27 September by Kornél Kolláth and Attila Merics (OMSZ)
    • [Water Vapor; Airmass RGB; Jet Stream; Vertical Cross Section]
  • Briefing 27 August by Sini Tenhunen (FMI)
    • [Airmass RGB; Jet Stream; Heat; Precipitation; Flooding]
  • Briefing 30 July by Peter Schmitt (DWD)
    • [Extreme June; Airmass RGB; Wildfires; Severe storms RGB; Heat wave]
  • Briefing 28 June by Liliane Hofer and Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [Airmass RGB; 24h Microphysics; Heat Wave; Glaciers]
  • Briefing 30 May by Bruno Café (IPMA)
    • [Airmass RGB; Severe Storms RGB; 24h Microphysics; Heat Wave; Jason 3]
  • Briefing 30 April by Peter Schmitt (DWD)
    • [RGBs; HRV RGB; Airmass RGB; Saharan Dust]
  • Briefing 29 March by Mariann Darányi and Tamás Csonka (OMSZ)
    • [WV 6.2; Airmass RGB; Ridge; Drought]
  • Briefing 27 February by Ângela Lourenço and Bruno Café (IPMA)
    • [Airmass RGB, Night Microphysics; Smoke; Dust; Kyllian; Julia]
  • Briefing 31 January by Marko Blašković (DHMZ) and Yasmin Markl (ZAMG)
    • [WV6.2; Airmass RGB, 24h Microphysics; US Winter; Extreme Snowfall]

Weather Briefings 2018:

  • Briefing 18 December by Peter Schmitt (DWD)
    • [Polarstern Vessel; Natural Color RGB; ITCZ; Day Microphysics RGB; Christmas Weather]
  • Briefing 15 November by Yasmin Markl and Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [Fog & Low Clouds; California Wildfire; Foehn Case Study]
  • Briefing 19 October by Tamás Csonka and Marrian Darányi (OMSZ)
    • [Drought; Airmass RGB; Flash Flood; Hurricane Leslie; Night Microphysics RGB]
  • Briefing 21 September by Ângela Lourenço and Bruno Café (IPMA)
    • [Storm Bronagh; Airmass RGB; Convective Storm RGB; Hurricane Helene]
  • Briefing 28 August by Anniina Valtonen (FMI) and Jouni Räisänen (University of Helsinki)
    • [Water Vapour; Airmass RGB; Smoke; Snow; July Heat Wave; Global Warming]
  • Briefing 27 July by Yasmin Markl and Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [Water Vapour; Airmass RGB; ESSL; Scandinavian Heat Wave; Fires]
  • Briefing 27 June by Alex Worley, Oliver Reuter, Nina Fuchs, Peter Schmitt (DWD)
    • [Convective Storm RGB; Supercell; Natural Colour RGB; Dust RGB; Fires]
  • Briefing 29 May by Tanja Renko and Marko Blašković (DHMZ)
    • [Mekunu; Convective Storm RGB; Convergence Line; Lee Cloud; 24h Microphysics RGB]
  • Briefing 16 April by Minna Haikonen and Paavo Korpela (FMI)
    • [Jet streams; Spring Weather; Convection; Thunderstorm Kiira]
  • Briefing 28 March by Peter Schmitt, Arne Reusch and Philipp Kießlich (DWD)
    • [Cold outbreaks; Dust plumes; Lake-effect clouds; Natural Color RGB; Airmass RGB]
  • Briefing 22 February by Ângela Lourenço and Bruno Café (IPMA)
    • [Detecting snow with RGB; AirMass RGB; NightMicrophysics RGB; Low]
  • Briefing 18 January by Marrian Darányi and André Simon (OMSZ)
    • [Airmass; Jet Stream; Rapid Cyclogenesis; PV Anomaly]

Weather Briefings 2017:

  • Briefing 14 December by Vesa Nietosvaara (EUMETSAT)
    • [WV 6.2μm Channel; Airmass; Warnings; Christmas Weather]
  • Briefing 23 November by Andreas Wirth and Yasmin Markl (ZAMG)
    • [24h Microphysical RGB; Day Microphysics; Snow; Fog; Satellite Channel Band Width]
  • Briefing 12 October by Petra Mikuš Jurković (DHMZ)
    • [Airmass RGB; 24h Microphysical RGB; Fog; Extreme Precipitation; MCS]
  • Briefing 11 September by Bruno Café and Ângela Lourenço (IPMA)
    • [Upper Level Low; ASCAT; Altimeter; Maritime Weather]
  • Briefing 10 August by Andreas Wirth and Yasmin Markl (ZAMG)
    • [6.2 WV channel; Equipotential temperature; Airmass RGB; Heat wave]
  • Briefing 19 July by Kornél Kolláth (OMSZ)
    • [Dust RGB; 6.2μm WV channel; ECMWF model data; 10.8μm IR channel; Wildfires]
  • Briefing 29 June by Peter Schmitt (DWD)
    • [Airmass RGB; Wildfires; Near Natural RGB; Convection; SUOMI-NPP]
  • Briefing 31 May by Minna Haikonen and Ida-Reetta Virranjoki (FMI)
    • [WV Channel; 850 hPa temperature; Warnings; Cold spring; Snow cover]
  • Briefing 11 April by Peter Schmitt (DWD)
    • [Polarstern; Airmass RGB; Cloud Microphysics; Dust RGB; ITCZ]
  • Briefing 23 March by Marko Blašković (DHMZ), Andreas Wirth (ZAMG) and Peter Schmitt (DWD)
    • [Clouds; Airmass RGB; Dust RGB; HRV channel]
  • Briefing 16 March by Andreas Wirth and Yasmin Markl (ZAMG)
    • [Airmass RGB; Dust RGB; Jet streak; WV Channel; NWCSAF Cloud Top Phase]
  • Briefing 28 February by Bruno Café and Ângela Lourenço (IPMA)
    • [Airmass RGB; WV Channel; Wave height; Dust RGB]
  • Briefing 27 January by Dunja Plačko-Vršnak (DHMZ)
    • [Day Microphysics RGB; Airmass RGB; Near Natural RGB; Fog; Low stratus clouds]

Weather Briefings 2016:

  • Briefing 16 December by Kornél Kolláth and André Simon (OMSZ)
    • [Fog; Low stratus clouds; Potential vorticity]
  • Briefing 24 November by Liliane Hofer and Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [WV Channel; 24 Hours Microphysical; Snow; Fog; Medicane]
  • Briefing 26 October by Bruno Café (IPMA)
    • [Airmass RGB; Night Microphysics RGB; Wave Height and Wind Forecast; SCATerometer]
  • Briefing 22 September by Peter Schmitt (DWD)
    • [Night Microphysics RGB; Dust RGB; Day Microphysics; Suomi-NPP VIIRS; Polarstern]
  • Briefing 25 August by Antti Kokko (FMI) and Amit Savir (IMS)
    • [Jet stream; maximum temperature; flash floods; tropical plumes]
  • Briefing 14 July by Tanja Renko (DHMZ)
    • [Convection; PV anomaly; severe weather; jet stream]
  • Briefing 16 June by Tamás Csonka and Zsolt Pàtkai (OMSZ)
    • [Stormy weather; Convection; Floods]
  • Briefing 25 May by Liliane Hofer and Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [Dust RGB; IR; Day RGB; smoke; fire]
  • Briefing 28 April by Andis Rembergs (LVGMC) and Tamas Csonka (OMSZ)
    • [WV channel; 24h Cloud Microhyisical RGB; frost]
  • Briefing 17 March by Marcin Gorski (IMGW)
    • [aviation forecasting; fog/low clouds; cold/warm sectors]
  • Briefing 19 February by Angela Lourenco (IPMA)
    • [Europe weather; Airmass/Night RGB; hurricane Alex]
  • Briefing 14 January by Tanja Renko and Ivan Smiljanic (DHMZ)
    • [waterspouts; hail; bora; mistral; RGB Colour Interpretation Tool]

Weather Briefings 2015:

  • Briefing 15 December by Liliane Hofer and Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [Snow RGB; new ePort; mild December]
  • Briefing 16 November by Tanja Renko and Ivan Smiljanic (DHMZ)
    • [warm southern Europe; fog over Adriatic; RGB fog detection]
  • Briefing 29 October by Antti Kokko (FMI) and Ivan Tsonevsky (ECMWF)
    • [tropopause height; monthly extreme forecast index]
  • Briefing 17 September by Angela Lourenco (IPMA)
    • [remnants of tropical storm Henri; cyclogenesis]
  • Briefing 20 August by Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [high pressure Isabel; summer 2015 overview: heat waves]
  • Briefing 16 July by Natasa Strelec Mahovic (DHMZ), Edwin Thema (SAWS), Ivan Smiljanic (DHMZ)
    • [Central Europe heat wave; South African weather: HIMAWARI-8 operational]
  • Briefing 17 June by Natasa Strelec Mahovic (DHMZ), Ivan Tsonevsky (ECMWF) and Alessandro Chiariello (FMI)
    • [cold inflow; NWP vs ASCAT winds: medium range forecast]
  • Briefing 07 May by Izabela Z. (IMGW), Carla B. (IPMA), Tanja R. (DHMZ), Barbara W. (IMGW), Maile M. (EMHI) and Ivan S. (DHMZ)
    • [Airmass RGB; MSC Hungary: tornado NE Germany: Severe Storm RGB]
  • Briefing 15 April by Liliane Hofer (ZAMG)
    • [pseudo vs. real WV images; lee clouds; Dust RGB]
  • Briefing 19 March by Taimi Paljak (ENVIR) and Ivan Smiljanic (DHMZ)
    • [WV imagery; PV anomaly; strong high in NE Europe]
  • Briefing 19 February by Angela Lourenco and Sandra Correia (IPMA)
    • [fog; snow; dust; lake-effect snow]
  • Briefing 14 January by Natasa Strelec Mahovic (DHMZ)
    • [Christmas weather; warm winter; warm front band]

Weather Briefings 2014:

  • Briefing 17 December by Pauliina Kuokka (FMI)
    • [convection in SE Europe and Scandinavia; Christmas forecast]
  • Briefing 27 November by Liliane Hofer (ZAMG) and Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [water wapour; fog; low temperatures]
  • Briefing 30 October by Vesa Nietosvaara (EUMETSAT)
    • [4 panel slider; cloud types; fog; Autumn]
  • Briefing 17 September by Angela Lourenco (IPMA)
    • [PV anomaly; Iberian Peninsula; convection]
  • Briefing 10 July by Juha Tuomala (FMI) and Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [cold front over Finland; barrage cloud; cold outbrake Central Europe]
  • Briefing 17 June by Liliane Hofer (ZAMG)
    • [GII instability indices; physical retrieval; MCS Belgium]
  • Briefing 22 May by Teitur A., Larisa N., Milica Dj., Carla B. and Zanita A.
    • [Iceland; Balkan floods; Russia; Portugal; NOMEK]
  • Briefing 10 April by Angela Lourenco (IPMA)
    • [dust; ASCAT; convection; isentropes]
  • Briefing 12 March by Dunja Mazzocco Drvar (DHMZ)
    • [synoptic climatology; colored rain/snow; WV eye]
  • Briefing 13 February by Alessandro Chiariello (FMI) and Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
    • [heavy snowfall in southern Austria; no winter in Scandinavia?]
  • Briefing 16 January by Liliane Hofer (ZAMG)
    • [Foehn episode; cold air outbreak in North America]

Weather Briefings 2013:

Weather Briefings 2012: