Concept of ePort

ePort is a product of EUMeTrain which has been developed to allow you to combine a range of EUMETSAT satellite images with satellite derived products and numerical model fields.

ePort has switched to a web map service in 2015, the old ePort will still be available though support is not provided anymore. Archived ePort pages continue to be available for the near future.

All images generated are automatically stored in an archive which makes it possible for you to do a qualitative research.

Recommendation: For the best experience use Mozilla Firefox


New ePort

The satellite image visualiation tool ePort has been transformed into a web map service. A new layout and a modified handling distinguish it from the previous version. Satellite images have now full resolution. The renewal has become necessary to keep pace with new technologies and to allow further improvements and extensions.

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Old ePort Archive (September 2010 - February 2016)

The old ePort has discontinued its service by the end of February 2016. The old ePort data is stored in the archive which is currently not available.


Satellite images, products numerical fields covering southern Africa made possible with the contibution of SAWS.


Satellite images and NWP products covering the Middle-East made possible with the contibution of TSMS.


The images providing coverage over the North Pole will be made possible with kind contributions of ZAMG and FMI and KNMI.


The satellite images and NWP product of the European panel are produced by ZAMG and FMI, respectively.


The satellite images and NWP product of the Atlantic panel are produced by ZAMG and DWD, respectively.